Help and Support Frequently Asked Questions



What is Infiniti InTouch?

How do I prevent the obsolescence of Infiniti InTouch?

Do I need to be concerned about personal data security when connecting my smartphone to Infiniti InTouch?

Is my billing information retained by Infiniti InTouch?

Does Infiniti InTouch store any personal information in the car?

What customer information or data is collected and shared with the service providers or other companies?

How do I know which software level I have in my Infiniti InTouch?

Who do I contact with questions about Infiniti InTouch and Infiniti Connection?

Will I need to visit the retailer for future upgrades, including new apps?

How will I know when the upgrade is available?

What happens if I don’t get the upgrade? Will my car stop working?

If I get the upgrade, will I lose my existing profiles and personal settings?

Why can’t I use my smartphone connectivity to download system upgrades?

I read that Apple has a new “iOS in the Car” system that allows me to see my iPhone screen on the navigation screen. Does have this?



How do I access billing or address concerns with my bill?

How do I create my Infiniti InTouch account?

Can I change my email?

Can the dealer and Quality Center: check current customer subscription information (activated services, service expiration time, service status), relaunch the activation process in case of activation failure, register a vehicle to receive a new PIN (after proof of ownership), retrieve vehicle information, and retrieve customer information?

Does a dealer have to register each vehicle equipped with the Infiniti InTouch system?

Does the dealer support the customer in registering information on the Owner Portal?

What do I need to do to register my account?

What do I do if I lost my Registration PIN?

Another member of my family uses the vehicle. What can he/she do?

How do I renew my subscription?

Can I automatically renew my subscription?

I just bought a previously owned vehicle equipped with Infiniti Connection or Infiniti InTouch. The previous owner did not provide the account information to me. What do I need to do?

I want to sell my vehicle. Do I have to do something with my subscription?

Can I cancel my subscription before selling the vehicle?

Why do I need to approve the Infiniti InTouch terms and conditions?

I activated the services online several weeks after receiving the vehicle. The end of the subscription (free period) displayed on the Owner Portal is not exactly one year, but is shown in months. Why?

Where can I retrieve the terms and conditions?

Do I need a subscription for the services?

How long is the trial (complimentary) subscription?

What do I need to do when selling my vehicle?

Should I cancel my subscription when selling my vehicle?



Does Infiniti InTouch Mobile Apps (such as Email, Calendar, Facebook, …) require an iPhone to be tethered via a cord?

Why can't I connect to Bluetooth® after following instructions

How do I connect my smartphone with Infiniti InTouch?

Do data and interactions while in the vehicle transfer back to the phone when texting or using other applications? (For example, if a customer sends a text message, is that sent and stored via both the phone and the vehicle or just one of them?)

Is there a limited view or character limit when creating text messages?

Why do I need to use a cord to tether my iPhone?

For which actions do I need to have my iPhone tethered with the cord?

Will the iPhone tethering cord also charge my iPhone?  

Must my iPhone be tethered by cord in order to download emails or texts?

Why are Phone Contact images not showing up or delayed?

Are contact numbers set up in the vehicle via the paired phone, uploaded via Facebook or both?

When I answer an incoming call, both parties can't hear each other for about 5 seconds. When we say hello, we don't hear each other and we have to say hello again. Why is this?

Why can't I get my phonebook to transfer to the vehicle? Sometimes it transfers and sometimes it doesn't.

In upper display call history screen, the cursor starts at the top icons. In order to scroll the list, you have to first scroll through Sort Icons. Why doesn't the cursor start at the first item in the list?

When the text message template is being saved from upper display, the last pop-up shows "Replace Custom Text Message." At this point, the Yes/No is no longer controlled by the steering wheel control (SWC), and SWC begins to control radio presets instead of pop-up.

During voice playback of text messages, the Next function does not read out the sender's name. It only plays back the SMS message, and I must look at screen to see who the sender is.

I have a Blackberry/Windows phone. Can I use Infiniti InTouch Apps?

When I get a new phone or my phone operating system is upgraded, will it be compatible with Infiniti InTouch Apps (specifically iOS)?

User Registration

User Registration

I customized all my system settings first, then wanted to save them as a profile. When I went in to set up my profile, all my previous settings were deleted. Why?

Why is the set up not being saved to memory?

If two owners are in the vehicle, what is the hierarchy for whose data shows in the vehicle?

I want to change the profile pictures in Infiniti InTuition. There are some preloaded icons for different drivers. Is it possible to upload photos?

Why can't I touch the user icon on the welcome screen?



Why should I sign up for Infiniti InTouch or Infiniti InTouch Apps if I already have the apps on my phone?

What functions are limited when driving?

Can I type while driving?

Which versions of the Apple iOS are supported?

Do Infiniti InTouch and Infiniti InTouch Apps support multiple phones and drivers?

Is there a Wi-Fi hotspot in the car?

Why do apps take so long to download to the vehicle?

How do I connect my smartphone to Infiniti InTouch?

What information do I need to enroll?

How long does it take to enroll? 

Which versions of Android operating systems and phones are supported?

How long does my subscription last?

Does Infiniti InTouch use voice services?

How does Infiniti InTouch work?

Why can't I activate InTouch after following instructions?

Which apps are included with Infiniti InTouch?

Are there additional apps I can add to my account?

Which Infiniti InTouch Apps need to be on my smartphone?

Can I use Infiniti InTouch services while driving?

Does Infiniti InTouch use my smartphone data plan?

Will POI-based apps work on Infiniti vehicles without NAV?

Where are restaurant, amusement, café, etc., ratings drawn from?

How often do my Infiniti InTouch features, including GPS, need to be updated? Does an update cost anything?

Is there a character limit or view restriction when creating Google searches, etc.?

How do I rearrange my apps display?

What third-party apps can be downloaded in the future?

Will Google Maps be a future app?

How do I download/access new apps?



Why are some functions not available while driving? I can't select or scroll lists.

Why don't lists scroll smoothly when I flick them with my finger?

Why can't some slider bars be operated by sliding with my finger?

Why is some text is cut off on the screen?

Why does the system sometimes not respond to user inputs but then recover on its own? Sometimes I push the touch panel button and can't push any button for 7 seconds, and a black screen may appear for several seconds before it recovers.

Why does the system sometimes not respond to user inputs and then not recover on its own? I have to restart the car or reboot the system.

Why does it take so long for the system to start up before I can use audio, phone, navigation, app features, etc.?

How do I switch to Day Mode or Night mode screen?



Why do the iPod/USB lists lack A–Z fast indexing/scrolling?

When I turn off the car with the radio screen playing, why is the Home screen shown when I turn it on again?

Why do I keep losing my presets?

Why can't I see all the sources in the Source List?

Why doesn't BTA automatically connect to the device?

Why can't the BTA song be changed using the upper screen song list on the iPhone?

I have to go down a menu to find BTA or other audio source

Can I still stream Bluetooth® audio for iPhone?

Why does the slider bar on left side of audio screen lists not operate when driving (e.g., when looking at audio song list on lower screen when using iPod)?

Why does the volume adjusts so slowly when I use the volume switch on the steering wheel?

Why are lists so difficult to control or slow to navigate (e.g., song lists and album lists scrolls too slowly and overshoots when stopping scrolling)?

When I use the slider to adjust bass, treble, balance or fade, why does the system responds so slowly or jump erratically?

Why can't I operate the audio source and seek controls when I start the car?

Why has the source bar disappeared on the Audio Screen?

While playing music from a USB, the music starts, then stops. Sometimes the USB source freezes on the screen. Why?

Why doesn't InTouch see all the songs on my USB?



Why is the RearView/AVM image so difficult to see or of such poor quality?

Owner Portal

Owner Portal

What do I need to do to add my vehicle to my garage?

Can I delete my account from the Infiniti Owner Portal?

Infiniti Controller

Infiniti Controller

When I turn the Infiniti controller, why does the highlight on the list move so slowly or overshoot? It is difficult to scroll the list quickly as it always overshoots what I want.

Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition

Why doesn't the VR button operate when I start the car?

The system speaks too much when using voice recognition. Can I reduce the length of prompts?