Help and Support Infiniti adaptation

Infiniti InTouch seamlessly connects your world to your car via your Smartphone and a unique on-board dual touch screen system. It puts your contacts, emails and a selection of your favourite apps at your fingertips from the comfort of your driver’s seat – so you can spend your day moving ahead, instead of catching up.

Follow these simple steps to activate your complementary service period.

1. Compatibility Check

Check to confirm that your smartphone is compatible with Infiniti InTouch Mobile Apps.

View Compatibility Guides

2. Register

Register on the Infiniti InTouch Portal

3. Add your car to your account

Input the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and associated PIN provided by your Sales Specialist or Quality Center support team.

4. Activate your account

Press the activation button and start enjoying your complementary service period.

5. Install the Infiniti InTouch App

Once account has been activated press on the AppStore or Google play icon, which will take you to the iPhone App Store® or Google Play Store®, search for Infiniti InTouch app and install the free app.

6. Log in to the Infiniti InTouch App

For the first log in, you must enter your user name and password that you created when you registered on the owner portal

7. Connect your smartphone to your Infiniti

For Android, pair your phone using Bluetooth®.
For iPhone®, please turn on the Infiniti InTouch app on your smartphone and connect it via the Apple USB cable into the USB port located in the console of your InTouch equipped vehicle

8. Manage your Mobile Apps

Go to the “Manage My Apps” page and select the apps you wish to use in your vehicle. Some apps require you to have the app downloaded and installed onto the smartphone, while some require you to enter your credentials to log in.

9. Enjoy your Infiniti InTouch Mobile Apps!

Your apps will appear on your vehicle touch screen menu only when your phone is connected to the vehicle and the internet. If you wish to turn any apps off, please use the “Manage My Apps” feature to deactivate apps in the vehicle.